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When one chooses to buy Adderall, he or she has likely given serious thought to why they wish to purchase this medication. One cannot purchase this particular medication without getting a prescription from his or her doctor.

The uses of Adderall are many, and one of the most popular is for the treatment of adult onset attention deficit disorder or AOADD. Adderall helps an individual with ADD to maintain focus on their daily tasks. As Adderall is an amphetamine, there is a risk of addiction for anyone who chooses to use it.

With Adderall, an individual will notice when the effects of the medication have started to work in their system. It is not as if it gives a jolt or a sudden-onset energy surge. It is more a subtle increase in the energy level and the ability of the mind to concentrate. The person who takes this medication will likely be pleasantly surprised by how gently it performs.

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One may buy Adderall because it has been shown to decrease the appetite of those who take it. Studies have indicated weight loss due to the use of this drug.

Be aware that if one takes Adderall after the noon hour, they may have difficulty sleeping at night.

On a cautionary note, any individual who chooses to buy Adderall and keep it in their home should keep this medication in a safe and protected place. This is a popular drug with teens and young adults. Anyone who buys Adderall for their personal use should never leave this medication anyplace where it would be accessible by their children. While not a controlled substance in the strictest sense of the term, it should be handled as if it is.